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This is a beautifully articulated description of a collection that explores the contrasting themes of resilience and fragility through the mediums of fire and water, particularly within the context of pottery. The metaphorical significance of these elements, as well as the tactile interaction encouraged with the artwork, adds depth and engagement to the artistic experience.

The emphasis on touch in the previous collection takes an interesting turn in this one. While touch was considered but not advised in the previous works, here, participants are invited to run their fingers through the surface of the pottery. This suggests a deliberate shift in the artist's approach, perhaps highlighting the resilience and endurance inherent in the materials used, as well as the transformative process of creation involving water and fire an how these elements even opposed can carry the same artistic expression on the pieces. The homage to the art of pottery is a poignant choice, emphasizing the transformative nature of the creative process. The metaphorical parallel drawn between molding clay with water and giving it a permanent shape with fire reflects the delicate balance required to create enduring art. The mention of vitrified clay never withering, unless dropped, adds a touch of vulnerability and emphasizes the importance of careful handling. The incorporation of elements like oil and kinetic energy, as well as the acknowledgment of the many hands that may come to touch the surface, suggests an acceptance of the inevitable impact of external influences on the artwork. Yet, the assurance that vitrified clay will endure speaks to the resilience and strength found in the art form. This collection explores the intersection of fragility and permanence, encouraging a tactile and sensory engagement with the art. It's a


23cm H x 17cm W


15cm H x 30cm D


25cm H x 25cm W

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