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Resilience is a collection of work representing the result of non-consensual touch.


I gather my broken pieces, 

I place them carefully; 

Outlining my past,

Outlining my trauma. 

I still withstand.

Tall, round,

Neck held high,

Curved spine.


I stand beautiful,

I crave new.


I’m laying down a map,

For you, brave one; 

Asking me first

May I touch you?

27cm H x 12cm W

The artist places broken up shards from damaged ceramic pieces that had gone through their full throwing, firing and glazing cycles into fresh clay. This symbolizes the contact of the mature invading innocence and permanently imprinting parts of them into the pure. 

This series exhibits the survival and resilience of those harmed, who managed to set apart  their inherit shapes, accepting the pieces left on by their predators and carrying them with caution as a glorified armor. They stand out, yet they stand still.  


Nada's collection is a profound and cathartic expression of her personal journey and healing process. The fact that this collection was among the first projects she embarked on after such a transformative experience suggests that it holds a special significance for her. The theme of resilience and strength emerging from personal pain is a powerful and relatable one. Nada not only found solace in her art but also connected with others who shared similar experiences.The mention of how much sharper everyone became suggests a certain edge or clarity that comes from facing and overcoming challenges, which is directly represented by the sharp edges of the pieces in this collection. It's a testament to the transformative power of art and creativity in the face of adversity. The idea of the artwork being accompanied by poetic words spoken in the moment of creation adds another layer of intimacy and authenticity to the collection. It's as if the art and the words are intertwined, each influencing and complementing the other. Nada's collection is a beautiful and impactful exploration of healing, strength, and the interconnectedness of personal stories through the mediums of art and poetry.The fusion of visual art and poetry adds a multi-sensory dimension to the collection, inviting viewers to engage with both the visual and verbal aspects of the work.

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